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The Story of Lebaran


Yeah, this isn’t a best lebaran. I think, every leberan, just like before. Never change. Gyagyagya… Well, I think something that celebrate every year always bore. Don’t think that I’m not like lebaran. I love it. Cos it’s the victory of moslem’s community in this world. But, I never found something new in Lebaran.

Maybe, something new in my lebaran is I got more ‘THR’ of this lebaran. Hahahahahaha… U’ll think that I’m a materialist girl. No, u wrong. It’s my rizky. hahahahaha…. Don’t negative think of me. Hehehehe…

Well, something bad on my Lebaran. My ex want to come to my house. Hah… I dun want it, I sure. His new girlfriend tell me bout it. I’m so confuse bout it. My ex said that he didn’t want to meet me again. But, in reality, he always try to find way to met me. His girl said that he asked her to come to my house. Then, I told her that I dun want they to come to my house cos my parents.

Yes, my parents. They will think that he want to show off his new girl and he is an arrogant boy. Then, I dun want to invite many questions from my families. Just that, bsides I dun want to meet him again.

Well, I think his plan will fail. I wish it so much. I know his girl want to make a friend relationship with me. But, sorry, I dun want to meet his boy. If just her, I sure I want to.


4 comments on “The Story of Lebaran

  1. Benazio
    October 4, 2008

    heyy .. nice blog you got here anyway hehe ..

    waaahh gue ga dapet thr sedikitpun dari sodara2 guee huuuu ..

    met lebaran juga yaa hehee

  2. chyanniech
    October 6, 2008

    Theng bgt dah BW ke sini…
    sering2 dateng yah!!!!

  3. aYme
    October 8, 2008

    hy hy
    lam knl,,,
    tukeran link yuk,,, 😀
    jd penasaran neh sm pantai nya,,,
    knp ga di psang futu na,,, 😀

  4. chyanniech
    October 8, 2008

    jujur ne,, saking asyiknya aku lupa poto2..
    ntar deh aku minta poto pantainya dari temen pa2ku itu.
    insya allah bakal aku post.

    tukeran link?
    aku pasang blog kamu di link-ku deh.

    tengs iyyah udah BW ke sini…

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