Hanya Sebuah Catatan Kecil

dariku yang bukan siapa-siapa

It’s Me (Masih Saja Suka Mengeluh)….

Well, I’m not in good condition when I wrote this post. Yeah, all things have made me crazy for so long. I’m standing in wide pain and I have no one to hold on. Hufh… How could I quit from all of this? Maybe someday I’ll lose my force and I’ll fall to the edge that have waited for me. I don’t know. Just waiting for my destiny. Now, I’m just trying to hold by my faith.

Many problems stacks in my head. I can’t find a way to solve it. I’m thinking of that everyday. Trying to be strong, but I can’t because I have given up to the fate. Whatever and wherever the fate will bring me, I’ll follow.

This situation is being harder cause my condition. My illness that has never come more than 7 months, now it coming again. I’ve sick more than 10 days. There’s no change. I’ve done my best, hoping for discover, but useless. I don’t know. I’ve visited the doctor, and he said that I need more rest and more  entertainment. Yeah…. Maybe I could do the 1st suggestion. But for the 2nd? I’m not really sure. Entertainment??? Sounds funny. Hahahahaha… With all my problems and without someone who can accompany me, how can I get an entertainment??? By watching infotainment on TV????

Haaaaaahhhh… My ill will not discover if I still like this, I know. I just make this situatuation restless. Crying is not a way to quit from all of this. But, I’m so stupid cause I still cry every night. Regreting of all. Very very stupid and weak.

I need relax….. Refreshing… I wanna forget all for a few time.. Just few… No more….


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This entry was posted on April 29, 2010 by in Curahan Hati.

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"Apa makna hidup di bumi? Tak bisa dijawab, harus dijalani. Aku adalah diri sendiri. Bukan kamu, bukan dia, bukan mereka. Aku adalah aku.."

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